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The Technical Translation is a particular service performed by a real expert ─ Scientist or Engineer in the subject field, that is a native speaker of the target language and has advanced knowledge and expertise in the source language, a true Technical Translator is that professional.

A regular scenario

  That manual, documentation, app or valuable information need to be with your customer describing how excellent is your product or service; you require to make a positive impact offering that information in their native language. You need a professional translator that understands your product or service, but also, that can handle the file format you work with, because if doesn't happen in this way, the customer will look for another vendor. Is this something familiar to you? ─ If yes, just let me help you to reach your objectives in the best way.

File Formats

As Technical Translator with field experience, and as Engineer, I know that the best way to work with my customers is to become part of their team. To do that, I manage several types of software like Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, Dreamweaver, PoEdit, AutoCAD, Audition, Captivate, Abby OCR, MS Office, Visio, Project, & Acrobat PDF. All this to integrate CATs like Trados, MemoQ, Sisulizer, Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo, Verifika and Xbench. Let me put my expertise at your service and work together taking care of your information.

Understanding of your audience

I always look to support your projects just with reliable knowledge. I like to facilitate the communication with your target audience. As Mexican Speaker, I translate to Spanish LA in the most neutral form to address audience almost across all LA countries; integrating the regular speech, tone, style and preferences for Spanish LA. On the other hand, I always research and implement jargon for the target audience and use specialised glossaries that can come from your term preferences.

Tailor-made solution

Your files and its content can be very specific and require a tailor-made solution for their translation. As Technical Translator I can work with specific file formats, but also, I offer the option to integrate a team with reliable colleagues to provide you with a complete solution for that big project you may have. Please don't hesitate to ask for an estimate and discover the advantages to working with me or my team. Below, I list the relevant information about that advantages.

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direct communication

You have a direct contact with me or my complete team of colleagues, the people that are behind the translation. Every requirement or situation is solved by the source with no third parties involved.

Direct savings

With the advantage of direct service, savings are at hand for you. The charge for every project is lower than hire a complex language service provider, the price of each project is calculated in a fair way depending the amount of words and resources required for your particular translation project

reliable SERVICE provider

My colleagues and I work in the areas where we have field and language expertise, we provide a direct and reliable service for every customer, we don't work in areas where we can't handle the whole project, we offer our experience and knowledge at our best in every word.

double high quality

In the "praxis", the control of text is not only related to the technical expertise. The translation that my team and I provide can be enhanced by the support of one professional linguist that check with critic eye our work and provide corrections and valuable feedback to give you a second checked high-quality translation that can exceed your expectations. Please don't forget to request the added service of a proofreader for your project.

DTP for the industry

With my team and I, the additional cost of DTP services is minimal. Regular Language Service Providers can charge you extra 20% of cost just for this part of the process. Let me know what documentation suite you use or in what language you program, and I will be glad to help you to create the perfect document workflow for your translation with additional savings in DTP.


With a single translator or a small team, the consistency of the same tone, terminology and wording are assured. Some Language Service Providers change of translator due to price rates or workload; something that is not usually informed to you. You only notice that when your customers read something different in your information. Something that can't happen if you work with a professional dedicated to your entire project from the beginning.

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