Technical Translation into Spanish for Specialty Audiences

Hi, I am Juan Nuño. I have worked as Technical Translator for more than 12 years providing my experience to top-notch companies that wanted to reach audiences in Latin America. If you look for a professional that can express your ideas as you regularly do, I’ll be glad to provide my technical and language expertise to your contents. I can help you right away, click on the button below to start the conversation.

Professional Translation Services for Many Industries

Your message, ideas, designs and documents are unique, therefore the translation should match the intention, voice and accuracy. For technical translation it’s important to have experience in the subject, I want to help you deliver your message in Spanish. Please, check the links below what I can do for you in the following industries I have translated for.





Banking & Finance





As an automotive Technologist that worked for more than 10 years in the field, I can deliver concise and accurate translations into Spanish for automotive projects. If you look for a professional translator in the automotive area, you are just a click to work with. Just click over the contact link and let’s discuss all the details of your project.

Voice Over

Voice recording is my passion as a communicator and writer. I have a home studio with a vocal booth and professional recording gear to match any voice recording job requirement. If you need a voice talent for e-learning courses, commercial spots, narrations or any job related to voice over in Spanish, just made click on the link below and check my voice demos. .


On my days at the university, I got involved in Computer Science and Electronics studies, thanks to that I got immersed in the world of IT working for major hardware or software brands. If you have a project that requires the translation of IT information, let me help you to communicate with this specific audience where the acronyms and wording sometimes are confusing as they use parts in English other in Spanish. Just click the link below and let’s got o talk about your project.


From lathe, milling and welding machines, and also tooling and new shop devices, this is the core of technical translations. For technical literature is required to know style variations of each region, the proper writing of measures and sometimes develop measure conversions. Let me provide my experience working in the mentioned fields and create the right technical translation for your project. Just contact me now to talk about your project and requirements.


 Today is quite common to deliver e-leraning courses for multinational audiences, also for this projects there’s specific requirements and software, I have the required experience to work with common formats like InDesign, Illustrator, Storyline, Adobe Captivate or even HTML to transport your course as was designed and deliver the same content in Spanish. Just send me a message to know your requirements and I’ll be glad to help.

Software localization

Software is the perfect example for a translation project, it requires splitting the files, export the text, localize strings and incorporate all back. If your team of Engineers require a translator with experience as a localizer and also experience with tools like Alchemy Catalyst or MemoQ I’ll be quite happy to join your team for the Spanish release, just contact me right now.

Spanish is a market of 580 million people with 2 major variants, lets tailor your content to avoid misunderstoods

A translation made in X country can fit all the other Spanish speaking countries?

The simple answer is no. The reason behind this is that Spanish is the official language in 16 countries and sometimes the terminology and usage differs a lot from country to country. To simplify these variants we separate the European variant from the LA Spanish, but there’s a lot of other details that just native speakers will detect if you send the same translation to all Hispanic countries, don’t let your content or information get the wrong context or terminology, let me help you with my long experience as a translator to tune your content to your desired targets with ease and peace of mind.

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Professional Translation Services for Any Industry

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