About me

A short review

Hi, my name is Juan Nuño.
I am the Freelance Translator behind TechnicalTranslator.pro; I am a Translator for the English to Spanish combination working mainly for automotive translation projects and another type of technical translations with a wide variety of subjects like oil & gas, software localization, machine tools, appliances, gadgets, websites and many others.

I have a career background as Industrial Engineer and Automotive Technologist. I worked over ten years in the automotive industry for brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo and GMC in administrative or field roles, like Manager, Trainer, QA Supervisor, Technician and others. While I worked in this industry, I got the opportunity to be trained in Mexico, Guatemala and Germany; getting expertise in body, motor, power-train, electronics, manufacturing, automotive-colorimetry and spare parts.

In another stage of my career and looking for new horizons, with a second university program, I studied some levels of computer science and software development, but later in 2005, I became a translator, and since those days I have not stopped, and there's no intention to do it.